Master Wu Hsia Fung Daughter of Grand Master Wu Tai Kwei (The Fifth Generation Master) 1949 -

Daughter of Grandmaster Wu Tai Kwei (The Fifth Generation Master) (1949 -

Wu Hsia Fung, daughter of Grandmaster Wu Tai Kwei and younger sister of Gatekeeper Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu, learned Tai Chi at a very young age from her father. Grown up in the Academy, she excels in the arts and theories of Tai Chi over the years, benefited from her father and other ancestors. She is especially well-versed in Tai Chi sword and saber. She has taught Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan at many locations, including universities in Hong Kong as well as Vietnam's Jing Wu Sports Association, and the Toronto Academy.

In 2005, Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu was invited by Chinese Wushu Association and Wushu Research Institute of General Administration of Sport of China, to film the "China's Wushu Collection - Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan", a series of DVD's for training purposes. Wu Hsia Fung was invited to be responsible for a part of the demonstrations.

Wu Hsia Fung is now the Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Academy. She assists Gatekeeper Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu in managing the daily operation of the Academy. Students, especially new entrants to the Academy, are deeply impressed by her enthusiasm in teaching the art of Tai Chi.

Master Wu Hsia Fung