Grand Master Chuan Yau The First Generation Grand Master (1824-1902)

The First Generation Grand Master (1824-1902)

Grand Master Chuan Yau was a Manchu Banner Cavalry officer in the Palace Battalion during the Qing Dynasty, his Manchurian name was Wukaihala.

He came from a Martial Arts Family. At the time, Yang Lu Chan (nicknamed the Invincible Yang) (1799-1872) was hired by the Imperial family to teach Tai Chi Chuan to the elite Palace Battalion of the Imperial Guards. Since many of Yang's disciples were nobles, it was not very appropriate for Chuan Yau to mix with them. Thus Yang arranged Chuan Yau to become the disciple of his second son Yang Pan Hau. In fact, Yang Lu Chan continued to teach Chuan Yau personally.

Yang Lu Chan had 3 outstanding disciples: Man Chun was good at Jin, Ling Shan was an expert in maneuvering, while Chuan Yau was good at neutralizing.

Later on, Chuan Yau left the Banner Cavalry and started teaching Tai Chi Chuan in Beijing. He integrated Yang Lu Chan's Large Frame Form & Yang Pan Hau's Small Frame Form to come up with his own Tai Chi Chuan form. He became very well known and others called him Chuan the respected third elder. His son Wu Chien Chuan subsequently founded Wu's Tai Chi Chuan.